Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Back on track.

That's right, I'm back baby!

Well, seeing as everyone else is finally jumping on this blog thing, I figure I might as well keep mine updated as well.

Let's see, to bring you up to speed, let me review a little.

  1. I graduated -- UMD, B.S. in Mathematics
  2. I am still living in Duluth, atleast for the summer
  3. I have no job, but I am looking hard
  4. I am still single, despite the rumors
  5. God is still awesome
So yes, there you have it. Most of the updates after this point will have to do with my future as it unfolds. Right now I am looking to God for guidance. I know that he has big plans for me, and I have some inklings as to what they could be, but it's still pretty unclear as to what steps to take. Currently, it is looking like I may be going home to Pequot Lakes (near Brainerd), Minnesota for a while to work for my Dad and save some money.

More as it develops, this is the Undercoverdave, signing out.

You stay classy, Internet.


Lexi said...

Hey Andrew,
So, your blog is amazing! I love it. I'm still praying for you to get a job! Your an awesome friend! Always keep in touch!
p.s. thanks for the sweet blog you made for me!

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