Sunday, August 07, 2005

Jumbo Jumbos!

Whord Up.

Back from camping, it was awesome. Hiked, camped, ate jumbo jumbos, tossed&turned, swam, watched shooting stars, etc. Here's a few pictures to give you a little taste of it.

So there you have it.


Keldog said...

hey yo,
looks like you guys had a blast. sad that i missed it. but i'm okay w/ not having to eat jumbo jumbos! haha

i hope all is well w/ you and thanks for joining w/ me on tuesdays! that means a whole LOT!!!!

catch ya later,

seeyaleah said...

OH NO!" Not Jumbo Jumbo's! hey, just letting you know I also posted some pic's at my blog. check it out, foo!

Sweetkeeks said...

What up? I hope you keep this up when you leave. Nice pics!

Anonymous said...

Are Jumbo Jumbo's the equivelant of fun dog's?

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