Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Last Days

Yup, only one more day in Duluth after today.

It's sad, and I'm really going to miss all my friends, but I'm starting to get pumped to be home for a bit. I really am going to need prayer support from my friends and to have God with me as I go - I feel that I will be entering a battlefield. I keep thinking that my being home is more than just the practical "I need to save money" thing, it's a somewhat of a missionary act as well. I will definetly need God to be doing the work on this though, and sending his angels ahead of me, because this isn't a battle I can win on my own. I'm excited for this, and hope that my prayer life will remain strong.

I've been having a good time this last week though, and I feel much more ready to go home than I did right after graduation.

I'm trying to think of ways to spruce up this page... check out my new little guy up there hiding behind his tree. undercover-like. That dude up there is from white ninja comics - a pretty goofy comic that I find hilarious sometimes, and then other times it's somewhat lame, depending on my mood. Anyways, I modified it a little... let me know what you think, yay or nay.


Sweetkeeks said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Yahoo you're getting old! Just kidding (look who's talking). Well Andrew we are sure going to miss you around here. It's gonna be sad to see you go but happy to see you go find what God has in store for you at home or where ever He leads. I will definetely be praying for as well. Thanks for all your encouraging words, I'll still need those from time to time. We'll keep in touch though. Oh yeah I like the little guy you have on your blog. Well have a good birthday and I will see you tomorrow night!

Lexi said...

Sorry I haven't been online latley. I really wish I could have come to your birthday/going away party! I know everyone is going to miss you but I am going to miss you the most! lol. It kinda sucks because just when ya get close to people they end up leaving. Your leaving...I'm leaving...well, your an awesome friend Andrew and I love ya lots!!!
a lex who misses you the most

Anonymous said...

howdy what was with the picture of me from the back miss you hope your haven fun well toodles
e-mail me at

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