Friday, August 12, 2005

Money Makin Money Money Makin

Money Makin Money Money Makin Manhattan
Super Disco Disco Breakin'
Money Makin Money Money Makin Manhattan
Super Disco Disco Breakin'
- the beastie boys
We Grow 'Em Big In DelawareAs you may have noticed, I now have a banner up above for I love their product, and own a couple of shirts from them... I'll post pictures of myself with them on later, for now, just check out these samples on the right. I own that "We Grow 'Em Big In Delaware" shirt and another one no longer on their site which features Ronnie the Robot.

I was going to just write a post telling everyone about them, but then I found out that I can actually get payed to do so! I joined their street-team or whatever it is, and so if you buy some stuff from them using one of my links, I get 20% for referral, which is like $2 a shirt! Since I'm poor, this is a cool thing. So if you or anyone you know likes this kind of shirt, use me as a referral, please!

Also, I put some google advertisements at the very bottom of the page, and I think I will get paid for people seeing them or people clicking them... not sure. I'll check out my stats in a month or so to see if it's worth keeping it there or not.

So yeah, MONEY!

If you know me, then you know my attitude on money -- I mostly could care less, and would rather be poor and satisfied with life and rich and unfulfilled. However, I know that in this world, money is almost necessary for survival, and can be very helpful to have. I'm not greedy, but it doesn't hurt to get a little extra.

Oh yeah, and it is 5AM, and I'm still up... what's up with that?

Well, never you mind.

But it is officially my birthday, so nyah!


Sweetkeeks said...

5 am Andrew! What in the world and yet you were up early still? You are crazy, livin' up in Duluth while you are still here huh?..see you tonight for your birthday party

Lexi said...

Come and visit me at NCU when you have a chance! by the way, my new cell # is 218-341-2019. Keep in touch!

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