Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Week 1: Continued

So let me catch you up to speed since last post.

Monday I went to that Bible study, and it was good. I met Dean from the band Silverline, who gave a good message, although it was a bit, in his own words, "scatterbrained." Basically it was a call to "open your ears to hear", which is exactly what needs to happen in that group! Unfortunately, I don't think their ears were open to this message, and the group got more hung up on his sidetracks and I felt that they missed the real point. My first impression of the group was that it was immature - we'll see if that is true as I go back.

I did get quite a bit out of his message though. One of the things he mentioned really stuck out to me. He had a kid read part of the Lord's Prayer, and focused on the part "Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

Think about that for a second. God's Will. Done on Earth. Just like in heaven? Is that possible? How is God's will done in heaven? There's no sin, no sickness, and God is in complete control, and love abounds! It's too bad we don't know more about how heaven works, but I think that praying for God's will to be done on earth, like it is in heaven, is revolutionary. I don't think that this earth will ever become heaven completely -- but to even strive for that, and to see parts of that becoming reality here, is a crazy concept that we need to get a hold of. I'm drawing this out much farther than Dean did, but he really sparked this idea for me.

A funnier part of his message, was when he was talking about how many Christians miss the best part of being a Christian -- the deepening of your relationship and the flowing of the spirit. He talked about how many Christians just have the "Christian" title. Maybe they have received salvation, but there is so much more than that! He said that Being saved but going no farther is "like dating a girl but never making out -- you're missing the best part!" I laughed.

Then after the message we played Dodgeball and I dominated - I took out almost the whole opposing team by myself... it was crazy.

Then yesterday I had a full day of work with my Dad, which felt pretty good although it is quite different to be inside at a desk all day. I'll get used to it, I'm sure.

Well, lunch break is over, time to get back to work!


Keldog said...

HAHA hey drew,
i was literally laughing out loud in response to your last post. haha the part about if you're a christian you're missing out, like dating! haha

i'm pumped to hear that you're doing well at home. that God is placing you in specific situations to teach you and to use you.

That's so awesome about that golfer dude too! haha wow! isn't God cool?!

i'm for sure praying for you! be blessed, and have fun working!!! yeah!! you have a JOB!!!talk to you soon.

peace out,

Sweetkeeks said...

So how is the real world treatin' you? Hey thanks for your post, maybe Leah and I will preach it way up dude! Hey do you know why I can't get to Kelly's blog? Maybe it's just me

undercover said...

If you're using the link from Nick's page, it's busted.

Use this instead.

Sweetkeeks said...

THanks I got it, I think that Kelly was updating hers or something at the same time I trying something..I don't know it works now

Lexi said...

Sorry I haven't been on latley. But your last blog was great! I'll be praying for you as your at home! I agree with Kelly about the part if you're a christian you're missing out, like's funny! I'm excited to see how God is using you and is going to continue to use you! I miss ya!

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