Thursday, August 25, 2005

Week 2

Ok, I feel like I owe everyone a real post here -- I'll do my best.

Most people that I have talked to from Duluth ask me how I'm doing, but I find that it is difficult to explain it. I can't just give an instant replay of the whole game, I need to pick out the key plays.

So let's see, what has happened since moving back to Brainerd a week and a half ago? [wow, it seems so much longer]

Well, I've reconnected with many of my good and not so good friends, and made some new ones as well. Of course it's nothing like my family in Duluth, but it's better than nothing.

At the wedding reception I had good conversations with a couple friends of mine, Dea and Christy. Both of them decided to come to the AG church with me, which was nice. Dea had gone there when she was younger, and Christy grew up in the same church as I did. The service on Sunday was good -- worship was solid, and the youth pastor gave an excellent mini-message. The main message was a bit dry and boring, but had great content. We all had a hard time paying attention, and I'm not sure if my friends are going to continue going to that church or not.

Then I took Christy out to lunch and talked about the church and about spiritual gifts and stuff, I loved it! It was great having someone who is interested in that stuff who I can encourage... If I could get a job doing just that...

On Monday I went back to the Bible study / Dodgeball. The message was a bit short but heartfelt. Next Monday they're bringing in a prophet, which should be interesting to say the least. Dean gave a big disclaimer on the event, explaining what would go on. I think many of the people there were weirded out by it, and weren't sure if they wanted to come... we'll see how it turns out on Monday. I'm excited for it, I just hope this dude that's coming has a good approach to it... This group doesn't need a bunch of drama without substance.


Well, I guess none of that really explains how I'm doing personally. I have to admit, it is a struggle living here not to get complacent, or to get discouraged. But it's a struggle that I am meeting head-on with God's help. Every morning I wake up and say "God, I need you to be with me." I know without his help I would be doomed to a mediocre life, and I feel such powerful force trying to tell me that it's not worth struggling. But it's SO worth it, and I wouldn't live any other way. A few years ago I recognized the spiritual stronghold that is over this area that influences people to live an empty life. I feel it here so strongly sometimes, it almost overwhelms me. I see a few people trying to break that, but there are so many voices saying it's impossible. I personally am affected by it, and get discouraged. I hold on to my dreams, and know that God will help me to accomplish them. Still it is very difficult to see a path from here to there, and I don't know where to go next.

So yeah, I will always need more prayer, and have no problem admitting it.

get the hell out, and heaven in


Sweetkeeks said...

It was good to hear from you today. Seems like God has you there to show people more of the power of God and how much we really need Him more in our lives! Keep strong I'll be praying. And I will see you tomorrow!

Lexi said...
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Lexi said...

Always remember Andrew that you were brought back home to reach out to your old friends and family. I know God is going to use you in so many ways!!! I will be praying for you! Always remember that you are a awesome man of God and God will always be there to help you in every situation and struggle. Love ya!

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