Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Wham Bam Weekend

Plah! Begah! Well, here I am recovering from my extended weekend.

I'm not going to give a blow-by-blow, because it would take too long.

I visited Duluth this weekend, which was awesome. I got to hang out, play frisbee, bonfire, and hang out some more. Great times. But more important than that, I was encouraged and built up by my Duluth peeps. Something about this visit just replanted many of my dreams that I had been losing while back at home. It reestablished my sold-out mindset, and really pumped me up for my future which had somehow appeared bleak. For this reason I claim that these kinds of visits are priceless. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

God taught me much this weekend. At the vineyard, Michael spoke on "Bad Confessions", and showed us how our sin/iniquity is not relative to our culture or community, but relative to a perfect God. Saying things like "well, atleast I'm not as bad as them..." is completely wrong. Through this, I discovered areas of pride in my life that don't belong there. It more had to do with my pride in who God is making me to be -- which isn't bad, except that often I feel that pride in relation to people around me... horrible! If I have anything to be proud of, it's of my perfect God who humbles me. If anyone has a right to be proud of me, it is my creator who made me. Compared to Christ's perfect walk with God, I am nothing, yet God still finds that it is worth his effort to disciple me.

Sunday @ Hillside, Ryan & Nick spoke on community. This is something that I really value, and the message reminded me much of my summer and the community that was had there, and even this weekend, how we all came together at the bonfire and cooked food, etc. Good stuff.

All weekend long I met with friends and talked about life. I can't even explain how much this built me up just to share life with eachother... I need that.

Last night I came back to Brainerd/Baxter to go to a Bible study. They brought in a special speaker named Joe Zupets. He was a good speaker, and exactly what this group needed. I won't go into detail on what he spoke on, but I'm pretty sure that most everyone there was encouraged and built up by the end of it. I connected pretty well with Steve from Silverline, and found out that we have had a somewhat similar spiritual journey. I'm sory to leave out detail on this stuff, but it was definetly an answer to prayer.

Long story short, God did his thang last night.

Jesus Comes Through In The Clutch


Lexi said...

I know Joe Zupetz!!!! He is sooo awesome and I guess he is going to start going to NCU also. I have known him ever since I was a little child. He has an awesome call on his life. He totally ministerd to me when I knew him.

p.s. I'm not close to any guys yet. but when I do I'll let you know.

keep checking for updates...hehe.
love ya andrew!

Anonymous said...

joe z...huh...i know him...pretty cool guy. tell him hi for me...next time you see him...

Keldog said...

hey drewdog,
i was pumped to chat w/ you the other day. it for sure is good to talk w/ friends who know me.
i just want you to know that i'm praying for you, your fam, and that God will continue to stretch you, and draw you closer to Himself. i'll be sending your present sooner than later i hope. whenever i can get a ride to the post office! hehe keep in touch.
lov ya like butta,

Sweetkeeks said...

What's up? hey I think it's about time you updated your blog. Tell us a funny story, send some funny pictures, you know whatever you got. Have a good labor day!

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