Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another one bites the dust

Well, I got shot down for yet another job.

I don't know why I thought this one would work out when the others haven't. I guess I just find it very hard to reconcile the fact that I know that I am of worth as an employee yet I do not get hired.

One thing that has come to mind as I am facing this situation is the Exodus story -- how God made promises to the Israelites, miraculously pulled them out of Egypt, only to bring them to a desert. Here they complained, and even wanted to go back to Egypt! It's crazy how much our situation can sway our attitudes towards God so much, even when his promises are no less true than they were before.

I have to admit, it's tough not taking the stance of the Israelites. God, why did you bring me here? Is there a point to this?

I often worry about my financial status -- which is dumb because God is taking care of my needs, but it's always tight... Man, this is just like Exodus. Well, let's just hope I don't bow to any false gods and that I'm not stuck here for 40 years.

My words are coming right back to bite me,
God bringing them up like he wants to fight me.
Wondering how crazy his plan might be,
Or if these thoughts are just pipe dreams.
Unlikely, the truth in my face despite the
clouds make it hard to see my way rightly.
Bumping into things getting bruised unsightly.
Holding onto a hope of what someday might be - will be.

Hope - Dream - Vision - Now
Fight - Scream - Cry - How


Sweetkeeks said...

Dust off your feet and keep going, there is something for you out there buddy!!!

Keldog said...

yo yo yo.
what's up? i hope all went well w/ your big purchase yesterday!! you better get your butt down here w/ it so we can go cruisin!! i have another ewww word: parousia i think it's a lot "grosser" when someone says it out loud of course! haha well take it easy and give me a jingle! later boy!

Angie said...

Hey, know that I'm praying for you. It'll happen. It was awesome to see you last night! Stay strong!

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