Friday, September 09, 2005

Clearing up? Not yet.

Quick update (I hope)

Yesterday I tutored for the first time. It went well, only 2 girls were there. They are 2 years apart, but are about in the same spot in Math, so that makes it easy for me. They are also best friends and can study together, which makes it easy for them. I'm hopeful that this will be fun and easy, and provide me with a (little) cash on the side. It's really not much better than a babysitting gig in the pay, but I hope for more students soon.

I also interviewed yesterday at Citadel games. It's a pretty cool place. The owners, Amy & Colin are looking to create a "safe and fun" place for kids to come and play computer games, video games, and card collector / table-top games. The position is a manager position in which duties would be split with the only other real employee, Amy. The two people would be responsible for everything from covering the shifts required to keep the place open as well as advertising, tournament organization, book-keeping, cleaning, computer repair... etc. Everything! It would demand 40-60 hours / week. So it's a pretty hefty job... and unfortunately they don't seem to be able to pay what a position like that SHOULD pay... infact the job I am applying for at Best Buy may pay better / hr... I'm not sure yet. I'll know that on Tuesday when I go in for my second interview there.

Today I had lunch with Jason at Hunt Technologies, met his boss, and dropped off a resume. They may also have a position for me, but I may not be hired for a month or so. It would definitely pay better, and would be a pretty nice place to work. While that position is not a definite thing yet, it seems like it would be my best option.

This afternoon then, I got a call from Citadel games, officially offering me the position. I told them I would need to think about it, and would get back to them on Wednesday after my interview at Best Buy. I tried to wiggle a little extra money / less hours out of them, but I think they don't have much wiggle room. Which is too bad -- for them -- because I don't think they will be able to find a good person who is willing to take that position.

And Real-Estate classes start next week. To be honest, I'm not super pumped about it, but I sure wouldn't mind the extra money that I would earn from commissions.

So all this sounds good, but as I've learned before, "don't count your chickens before they're hatched."

Short post? Nah.

Fresh like Dickies with a crease.


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