Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Things right now are... fuzzy.

I'm currently trying to figure out how much I will continue working for my Dad, and also trying to find other work.

I interviewed at Best Buy for the GeekSquad yesterday, and I go back in next week to discuss a position. I guess they have both a full time and part time position open.

I also dropped off resumes at a few other places, and have an interview tomorrow for a manager position at a place called Citidel Games. It's basically a hangout for highschool kids and other gamers to come and play computer games and card collector games that charges for computer usage and for card game tournaments. I would most likely be responsible for running the counter, maintaining PCs, and assisting with organizing tournaments.

I'm also starting real-estate classes next week, which is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6-10PM.

Again, things are changing all around me, and everything will be different in a week or two.

I know... What you got is what you wanted
I know... Common sense ain't all that common


Sweetkeeks said...

Well Andrew thing will come around. I know that you probably don't want to be doing a regular job and would rather to ministry but you know just use whatever job you get as a ministry too. That job at that games place sounds cool, you can minister to kids that way or any other place is just a prep time for what God is preparing you for. Take care and I will talk to you soon

Lexi said...

hey buddy,
I miss you more than you can even imagine. God is definatly going to use you to minister to those kids. Hang in there. You are one awesome man of God and I wish you were here just to make me smile...cause i've been having a hard time. But I know through prayer God will help me through this year!
love ya,

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