Friday, September 23, 2005

On a clear autumn night

Last night I couldn't sleep.

I was awake at 2:30AM, my muscles were all tense, and my mind was racing in the indy 500. For some reason I decided to go for a walk. So I put on my shoes, groped my way through the dark of our garage, and then exited into the cold. It was an intensely bright night, with air so clean and crisp it felt like a dream. The stars were amazing and the moon took up half the sky with brightness.

And it was quiet.

Too quiet. As I left my driveway, my mind (still doing about 250Mph) started to remember all those scary movies where the characters are constantly looking behind them. Our road is surrounded by towering trees, but half the leaves have fallen so I could still see the sky peeking through. Everything was so quiet, it was eery. As I passed some of our neighbors houses, I was passing through a particularly dark area, considering the silence, and then...


Yikes. Something large just snorted at me! I wasn't sticking around to figure out what it is, so turned and booked it home.

I knew it was probably a large buck, but still, the fear of the unknown got the best of me. Ahh well, I guess there's a reason that most people don't go for walks at 2:30AM, atleast not out here.

OH hold on my homies in the middle of the night
OH hold on my people in the thick of the fight
OH hold on my friend you know you gotta keep the faith
So soon it will end, and you will see it was worth the wait...
LA Symphony - Hold On


Sweetkeeks said...

sounds like a scary night Andrew..Now I wonder what it was..too bad you didn't have mace with you!!haha...were you muscles tense in your a cramp...I hate that you's called restless legs syndrome and I swear I have that! Maybe you don't though. haha...anyway, I don't like to think of the fact that fall is here and the leaves are falling off...oh well such is life. Have a great autumn day!

Veeeee! said...

That sounds terrifying. I think my heart wouldn't have slowed down yet if I was you.

La Reina Loca said...

Hey andrew.
You should have come to the worship concert. It was totally sweet.

I'm sorry you couldn't sleep and I totally feel for you. But that is usually the best time to walk. It sounds like you had perfect walking-with-God conditions. I'm sorry the boogyman ruined it for you.
or maybe it was samara...
or bones...
it was probably bones.

By the way,
you are a really gifted writer. Have you thought about writing a novel? you are quite good with the descriptive.
okay, well I hope you are doing good and doing well.

P.S. I can't believe you gave paul walker to your brother!

Ok. Bye
~L (dani)

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