Monday, October 17, 2005


I've just finished reading Miracles [A Preliminary Study] by CS Lewis. I love his logic, and strongly connect his logic with my real life experiences. There is a common practice among Christians to take unlikely circumstances and call them "miraculous" or even "miracles" -- or even if not defined as such, there is at the least a thought in the back of the mind that says "God?" This happens especially when we experience events that seem so unlikely that they don't seem to fit into the "natural" order of things. When things do not fit into our view of how things naturally should work, we either must ignore them, or find some way to explain it -- because we want things to make sense. A Universe that doesn't make sense is very tough for us to deal with. Some people use God as a fix-all for this problem.

We don't know what makes gravity work, it must be God [it's debated that this is what Newton believed]. This can be true in a way, but it is often abused ("God made me do it" or "it's God's fault"). Yet, what if God does interact with our "natural" world? And is that "unnatural" or "supernatural" really? If that's the way the it was designed by God, isn't that "natural"?

Crazy stuff to ponder, yet I know from my experience that God does interact. Sometimes I question if he's there, but then other times I question if he's ever not there. Recently I have spent a bit of time looking at the events of my life, and how incredibly they have worked to bring me to where I am now. This stuff could not be written by human authors. So intricate and unbelievable -- such minute things building into such huge events -- things that change everything about me and my life story.

I do not question God's working in our world, he created it -- it's natural that he would work in it. In fact, I welcome it, as he is the source of all things good, and without him, there is no good. Seeing this can be hard sometimes, but looking back God's hand can be so visible... It's almost Eerie.


Sweetkeeks said...

You should write a book, you sound so intelligent when you write..not saying you aren't intelligent all the time cause you are,anyway...blah, blah, blah...I think I will write a book called that...blah, blah, blah! would you read it?

seeyaleah said...

I will cut you.

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