Friday, October 07, 2005

My New Car


seeyaleah said...

Yeah, I guess it's alright. I've seen better.... What am I talking about?! It's freakin' awesome! Enjoy bud :o)

Keldog said...

dude!!! i love it! even though it's white, it like it. it's classy. so...when are you gonna get your booty down here and give me a ride?!?! hope you're doing well. talk to ya soon!

Sweetkeeks said...

sweet ride!! That's really all I have to say. You'll have to take me for a ride in it someday okay?

Lexi said...

hey pretty hot gonna come a visit me..and let me take a ride in it?? It's pretty awesome lucky show up in it..that would be awesome!!!

Mike said...

I had a conversation Van once, "The Shagon Wagon"... ahhhh the memories. Thats a nice ride even if it is Old Man White. Miss ya brother. When is this movie gonna take off?

Mike said...

I kinda spelled Convertion wrong, but no one noticed right... haha...ha... ahhh i'm a crock a crap.

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