Monday, November 28, 2005

Guardian Angel

Well, a short break from the New Orleans story -- but I had an accident yesterday.

At around 10:30 AM I was on my way to church. It was about 30 degrees, and sleeting out. The roads were icy. I tapped my breaks as I approached an intersection going nearly 50MPH. My tires lost traction and I started to fish tail slightly to the left. I attempted to correct it, and slid back further to the right. Again I tried to straighten myself, but the car swung all the way backwards and headed towards the ditch. As I hit a driveway with a culvert going backwards, I gripped the steering wheel, closed my eyes, and prayed "God, save me!" The car stopped, 45 feet later, in the ditch. After recovering from my shock, I turned off the car and got out. I walked around the car, and after finding little damage, I got back in and turned the car on. A semi truck had pulled over, and the two passengers were headed my way to make sure I was alright. They said they had at first thought it was a 4-wheeler in the ditch because of the headlights bobbing. They also had a hard time stopping because of the ice, even with their 6 wheels. I asked if they would help me out, and they told me to just back it out to the driveway. I did this, and continued to the church, arriving only 15 minutes late.

There was some damage done underneath the car, but not nearly as much as there should have been. While at church, I was praising God for his protection. It was very clear that I could have been severely hurt. When I prayed "God, save me!" I felt a protection over me. Believe what you may about angels -- I know that accident should have been much worse.

The New Orleans stuff will come soon, I promise!


Sweetkeeks said...

Glad you are okay Andrew, it could have been worse. God for sure had His hand over you.Talk to you later

Lexi said...

Thank God for being our protector!!! He is awesome! I'm just glad your alright! Give me a call andrew because I got a new cell phone but same number..cause now I don't have your cell give me a to you sooner rather than later..

p.s. I updated my blog! Check it out!!!

Angie said...

Andrew, I'm so glad to hear your okay. God's protection is amazing! What a blessing!

On a different note...are you coming to the See Spot Rock concert next week?

Anonymous said...

Where are the New Orleans pictures? You are slacking!!!

seeyaleah said...

Ok, seriously. It's almost Christmas and no update. what's goin' on my firend?

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