Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The New Orleans Trip Review! Part 1

Phew, I'm back!

The New Orleans trip was very exhausting, and very hard. But God is good, and so was this trip.

I'm going to do as much of this trip review with pictures as I can, and then I'll add some comments at the end.

First, Our Team
Left To Right: Pete, Eric, Brian, Nick, Luke, Jesse, Me, Erin, Dave, Soli (short for Solomon)

We left at 2PM on Tuesday, and arrived at 2:30PM on Wednesday. Pretty long time to be in a van... so this is how I felt
The first night we got settled in and then headed out to the French Quarter.
We went out to eat at The Alpine

Mmm... Tasty!
We also ate Beignets (bah-nyeh's) at Cafe Du Monde
Then we went and slept to get ready for our first day... Coming Soon!


Angie said...

I'm so glad to hear that the trip went well. I look forward to reading more on here! I'd love to see more pictures too. I missed church this morning (thank you, slippery roads coming back from Pequot), so I didn't get to hear the group talk.

I pray that things are going well in Pequot. Stay strong!

be blessed!

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