Saturday, January 07, 2006

Something Bigger Going On

Well, I'm pumped. For about 2 years now I've been praying for my hometown (the Brainerd Lakes Area). If you know my story and what I've come through, you understand I have a unique relationship with the churches in my hometown. My father struggled as a pastor for 13 years and eventually gave up. He couldn't stand up against the hard hearts of this community and the way that the devil has his grip on all of us. There is something in this area that has a way of snuffing any kind of passion for God that we may have. I'm sure it's not just localized in this area, but it's where I live, and where I notice it. And I know that it doesn't have to be this way, because I've experienced a different life in Duluth and elsewhere. This may sound a bit out there to some of you, but it's true.

I don't mean this as any kind of slam against any churches here or anyone in particular, as we're all victims of it, as well as participants.

But there is something starting... a change is coming...

I could easily write this off as youthful passion, or my own wishful thinking, but with that kind of thinking I could also write off God altogether. There is something happening, and it's real. I know this as truth, and God is continually reconfirming this to me.

This week on Tuesday night, our leader spoke on God's emotions, and how we can connect with that. He spoke of how he almost never cried, until someone prayed for him to cry. He initially blew this off as a stupid thing, but within a week he starting crying... not for himself, but for the church. This is also something I have experienced. God is a jealous God who desires his Church to be pure, and to have a desire for Him. And we fall so short. Even when we can claim to be "good" and that we are going to church on Sundays (and tuesdays, wednesdays, etc.), we have little desire for Him. This is a sad thing. We sit in services, and go home saying "that was good" and totally miss the point. We are there to learn about and interact with a real God, not just hear some passed down teachings and sing some repetitious songs so that we feel good.

It's Not About Us

Gosh! How often do we forget about this? It's not about me feeling good, or how good my worship was. Yes I have a part in it, but my part is to worship Him! to learn about Him! Not to "fix" myself, to "grow" myself, etc., but to Love Him! As I learn to love him, I will be transformed.

But yeah, things are starting. People are waking up to this. Slowly, one by one, but it's happening. People are praying for this... daily! A huge percentage of our community goes to Church every week, but how many of them actually love God with all that they are? With the love that is so obviously a part of the lives of those we read about in the Bible? Abraham, David, Daniel, Peter, Paul, Mary...

Ugh. While I often fall short, I know that God delights in me as I pursue him.

To be a man after his own heart.


Sweetkeeks said...

thanks Andrew for this post it was really good, I will for sure be praying for Brainerd and everything God is doing there and in your heart! Talk to you soon

seeyaleah said...

I remember when I would go to church, take notes, sing songs and come home and my mom would ask me, "how was church?", "good". "what did mark speak on?", "God". and I could never remember what the sermon was on. But now I am desperately hungry for Him, so it's so important for me to pay attention and listen to what God wants to say to me. He is always wanting to talk to us. We need to vail lifted. I will be praying for that to happen in brain-erd (ha-ha, your town has the word brain in it).

seeyaleah said... I just saw that I messed up. I meant to say that we need the vail to be lifted from our eyes, and to add that our ears be opened too.

Lexi said...

Andrew...nice post..I will be praying for you!!! Love ya andrew..check out my blog!!!

Love ya,

Lexi said...

Yeah..I have to come home this weekend because i have a doc appt....

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