Monday, January 30, 2006

A Story

Since I don't have anything major to report, I'll tell a quick story.

Today, while on a walk, I sat down on the trail to enjoy the sunshine. After a while, my dog Pierre came and sat nearby -- about 10 yards away. I notice a squirrel, it hops up about two feet to a bush and stares at Pierre. They stare at eachother, not moving, for about a minute and a half. I could sense some sort of communication going on, with the squirrel trying to find a way past, and Pierre with a poker face. Then the squirrel looks at me for a while, so I stared him down. The squirrel then stands up, makes some faces at us, then darts back where he came from. Pierre starts chasing after him, barking and howling. The squirrel of course ends up in a tree, and the dog barks at it. The tree it's in is about 25 feet high, and doesn't have many branches, just a Y at the top. The squirrel is sitting in this Y, trying to figure out what to do next.

I start throwing some snow chunks at it, and miss about 5 times. I then grab a large chunk, and nail the tree right next to the squirrel. The squirrel freaks out, and jump/flies out of the tree down to the road and runs off. Pierre didn't seem to notice when he jumped, being too close to the tree to see it. I yell at him, and he finally sees the squirrel running. He chases after it, but it was too late.

So the squirrel got lucky and got away.

While I'm kind of glad he got away, and I didn't really want the squirrel to die, I'm kind of disappointed that Pierre didn't see him jump.


So yeah, that's my story for today... unfortunetly I don't have anything else exciting to report -- so pray for me! I want my life to be exciting, and to see God move in my life and in others, and this week not much of that happened.


Lexi said...

WOW,I'm the first one to comment on your blog. Wonderfull, I love your story. As you were telling the story I could totally see you throwing the chunks of snow at the squirrel, especially the big chunk of snow. lol.

Andrew, I will be praying for God to move in your life. It is just so awesome to see that you are longing to have God move in your life. I am in the same place. I want God to move mightly in my life.

I can't wait to have coffee with you!

Love always,

Sweetkeeks said...

ha ha...poor squirrel, that's a pretty fun story...i went for a walk this morning too and nothing exciting happened like that...well I will see you this weekend right? where is your retreat at anyway? Maybe us girls will crash it..haha..just kidding we would never do something like to you later.

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