Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Battle Rages

We're at war. I'm not talking about Iraq or Terrorists. From what I've heard that's not so bad. I'm talking about the battle for God's kingdom. The last few days, and today especially I have been seeing and hearing about a lot of skirmishes; small battles that can have a major effect on the larger war. I need to spend some more time in prayer. It's funny, but I talked with someone today and they used the word "strategic" to describe some of the leaders in the area -- something I've been seeing and praying for as well. There are some major moves being made right now, both spiritually and physically, and we are being positioned to take over enemy territory.

OK, I realize some of that above may sound weird to an outsider, heck, it still sounds a bit strange to me -- but it's true.

This is key:

1Th 5:11-14 And so encourage one another and help one another, just as you are now doing. (12) We beg you, our friends, to pay proper respect to those who work among you, who guide and instruct you in the Christian life. (13) Treat them with the greatest respect and love because of the work they do. Be at peace among yourselves. (14) We urge you, our friends, to warn the idle, encourage the timid, help the weak, be patient with everyone.


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Sweetkeeks said...

Is the battle still raging after a month?!

Lexi said...

Hey you gotta check out my blog! lol....

hope all is well!

I love ya!

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