Friday, February 24, 2006

Weekend Update

Welcome to Weekend Update with your host, Andrew Gagne!

OK, fine, I'll skip the jokes for now. Here's what's going on!

On that Real Estate transaction wrote about last time, it's working out! Our offer was accepted, and it will close on the 14th. There are still a few hurdles, with an appraisal needing to be done to get the loan. Also there seems to be an unusually high tax on the property, so I'm trying to figure that out as well... Still things are looking good. Also a few more prospects have been coming my way, and I'm just hoping that some of them turn out.

My parents are leaving next Thursday for Australia! They will be gone for 3 weeks, scuba diving and enjoying the Australian summer while hanging out with my uncle Marc. While they are gone, I'm in charge of everything; real estate, the house, my sister, the dog, clearing the driveway... all of it. Oh yeah, and since the parents are gone...

Party at my house!

Also I will be speaking at the monday night bible study in two weeks, so pray that I'll come up with something genius.


Lexi said...

I knew it would all turn out for the good in the end! I'll be praying since you are going to have so much responsibility when your parents leave. But P-A-R-T-Y at your house???? Too bad I don't drive otherwise I would so be there!

Love ya Andrew!

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