Monday, October 23, 2006

Year Two: Pursuit in Action

Yes, it's been a while. Six months! I'll try to catch you up quickly so that we can move forward.

Since I wrote, I completed two real-estate transactions, which both happened spring and early summer. This summer I started working a part time job at Madden's on Gull Lake in the golf proshop. This turned into a full time job (6 days a week) in September, and the 31st of October will be my last day. It's been a good job, but in retrospect it has been too time-consuming and not payed well enough. But then again, it paid the bills with a little to spare, and God provides, so I do not complain. I've met a lot of people and shared my faith with some as well.

I've been a leader for Trailblazers, a local young-adult bible study group that regularly has 30-50 people. I have spoke a couple times, but my main focus has been on prayer and helping develop the other leaders. God will be doing great things through this group, and his promises to us will be kept. I often get discouraged when I look at our group and see a lot of spiritual lacking (I always want more), yet I am encouraged when I listen to God's voice and he speaks of the future.

Moving forward. As for me, I have been praying a lot about his leading on my life and the direction he is taking me. And finally I am seeing some of it come to reality. In January I will be moving to Kansas City, MO. to start my schooling at the Forerunner School of Ministry (FSM). I will be starting with the Onething Internship for six months, and then continuing on towards the four year Apostolic Preaching Program. Many of you may not know what this is all about, so stay tuned and I will fill you in on what God is doing in me and where He is taking me.

I'll also try to update you with some of those interesting personal stories that you love so much, including the recent death of my Grandfather, Wilfred (Bill) Gagne.


Keldog said...

first off...i'm so excited that you've finally caved in and updated. it's about time. second...i'm stinkin' pumped for you to go to the hop! i get excited for you just thinking about it. it's gonna rock your socks off, for real! third...let me know when we can consult about the language thing. i'm in man. andronian/keldoggion will soon rule!
ha det.

undercover said...

Here's a couple from dictionary dot com that are good:

solicitous: manifesting, expressing, or full of care or concern.

ewww, solicitous manifestation...

felicitous: apt or appropriate; also, delightful.

or unfelicitous = innapropriate

Keldog said...

where the heck do you find these? they're beyond revolting...but i like 'em! haha

Anonymous said...

nutty nuggets are from the devil!

Keely said...

Andrew you updated!!!!! so glad to see are gonna have to keep updating while at the hop or I won't know what is going on in your don't be a stranger mr... talk to you later! keeks

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