Monday, December 18, 2006


Well, I leave in 3 days. And I'm still short on my finances. I actually needed around $2000 (I thought it was closer to $1500 but I had some expenses...) - I broke down and cried today about it, because I've been banking so hard on a miracle for this, and so far it hadn't happened. I have been praying so hard, and God has been reassuring me. It's so hard to trust sometimes. So today, I asked on of my close friends if how much he was planning on supporting me with. He said $1300. I was blown away. I was in the process of looking at backup plans: delaying the internship, selling my car, suicide (not really) -- and none of them felt right. I can't walk away from his plans, but what happens when things don't add up? Well then God steps in, I guess.

So I still need around $700-800 to move down there smoothly, so if any of you are reading this and want to support me, now is the time! And anything on top of that would be great too - you hear that God?

God is good, amen.


Keldog said...

hey dude! so great to hear that God is doing it! i'm blown away! PTL!!! i'm seriously praying for you! i say hi from IRELAND and "blimey boy, look what I've copped!" keep me updated!! hope all goes well. and let's talk when things get sorted out!!

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