Monday, December 11, 2006

Rough Times

On Saturday night, driving home, I turned a corner and saw hazard lights. I hit the brakes, and immediately spun around and flew into the ditch. I wasn't hurt, and neither was anyone in the two other cars in the ditch.

My car, on the other hand, is a different story. I bent a rim on one tire. So I put on the spare. I took the car into the shop today to see what else might be wrong with it, as it was driving a little funny. Turns out I've got a bent axle. Not sure yet what it will cost, but it will be significant. Immediately this brings up the question of how this affects my future.

Do I still try to get to IHOP? I still need a bunch of support, and need to get my car fixed! God has been reminding me of his faithfulness, but it seems too impossible. Maybe I need to wait and go later? But even then I'm not guaranteed anything. I don't want to just be scared and back away if he's truly calling me. But is he trying to slow me down with this bump or just make me rely even harder on him?

I don't have much time to figure this out. Time for mucho prayer.


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