Sunday, January 21, 2007

a couple new pictures


In the prayer room! This is where I spend a good chunk of my day. I alternate between sitting, standing, and pacing, reading, singing, praying. I love it.

We got 6 inches of snow in one day. I thought I left this weather behind in Minnesota?

check out a few new pictures. more in my photo album on the left.


Keldog said...

like the pics man. you should tell more elaborate stories about the pics next time tho! haha...maybe only I think it. do it way up dude!! pray it up while you're at it too ok??

Keely said...

I think that is more snow than we have in Duluth..maybe you took the snow with you when you went down to KC. Thats is fine by me, but could you please come and take the cold back with you too? That would be great...anyways...hope you are good David Andrew!

undercover said...

Your wish is my command.

Rebbeca said... by "sitting, standing, PACING" are you turning into PACERBOY?! haha... ;) miss you tons!

undercover said...

I'm Pacerboy 2: The Revenge

Keldog said...

tell pacerboy i say hi!

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