Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's Day recap

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We made the news! We were on the front page of atleast one newspaper today, and also online, check it out on The official number of people attending was 200,000.

We met at IHOP at 7AM on Saturday of St. Patrick's Day, to brief before going out. We all had our green IHOP shirts on. At 8:30 we arrived on the scene, and spent another half hour praying for the event and to prepare ourselves to share God with strangers.

We had a number of teams that went out to do all kinds of evangelism from 9-11, with direct sharing of the gospel, surveys, prayer teams, wandering minstrels, face painting, st. patrick facts with the gospel handouts, and more.

Many people accepted Christ or recommitted their lives to him, some received healing, and it's safe to say that almost everyone was impacted. In the 9-11 pre-parade outreach it was difficult to go anywhere without seeing our people talking to people. Most people were very receptive, and would at least let us pray for them and tell them about God, even if they might not understand or agree.

I prayed with two of the girls in my internship with 3 women in a coffee shop who had 3 close relatives in the hospital and were a bit worried. They had already been praying about it with people in their church, but it was good to pray more and encourage them.

The parade itself was amazing. Since I was in it, I didn't get to see any of the other floats, but that's okay, because ours was the best. We had a giant green mountain with St. Patrick on top, played by Daniel Dunmore, an evangelist from England who had a huge booming voice. He held a giant cross, and looked very authentic (i.e. not a leprechaun). He preached the gospel loudly and boldy in between choruses of Grace Like Rain performed as an Irish Jig from the band on the back of the float. Behind the float were the 400+ singer/dancer/flagwavers you see above. I was one of them.

It was incredibly exciting, especially when we saw the faces of the people in the crowd. Everyone was shocked by the site of St. Patrick 12 feet up, preaching boldy, and the 400 people behind him, who would yell with excitement when he proclaimed "Jesus is alive!" We saw many different reactions, from wonder and awe, to excitement (especially with the kids), to conviction (I saw two separate old women crying softly), to hatred.

After the parade we had the opportunity to go out and talk to more people. I talked to one guy right after the parade who was SO EXCITED by our float and our song, as well as the preaching. I asked him if he knew Jesus. He said "yes," so I asked him "what do you know?" He knew a little, and went to church sometimes, so I just walked him through the gospel real quick and prayed with him. He was still super excited, and even excited about going to church the next day.

It was a fun and exhausting day. It's incredible talking about God with people who often know so little. Many of our fears of being rejected can keep us from sharing our faith, but it's SO GOOD, and most people are so grateful.

I'll try to get more pictures up soon, but for now you can go look at some random pictures that I took.

PTL (Praise the Lord), and leave me some comments!


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