Sunday, April 22, 2007

A hard week,a good week.

Yes Yes.

Let's see, this week I was quite soft before the Lord, and he of course challenged me, in a few different areas.

One was excellence and humility, meaning, living a life where I please God by doing the small, seemingly unimportant things to the best of my ability as a pleasing offering to God. It was one of those moments when all the things my Mom told me to do flooded back, like cleaning my room, picking up trash, etc.

The thing that really got me was, if I can't do the small things well, how will I ever do the large things well? And what are my motives in the things I invest in? Just to impress others or because they are righteous in God's eyes?

And on the humility side, this has been something I've been working on forever it seems, but there's so much more to it. Like, as Dwayne Roberts pointed out, not putting yourself "out there" to be noticed when it comes time for promotions, or new projects, and not puffing yourself up.

Moses [Moshe] blows my mind. He is truly a servant leader, who was "the most humble man alive." He led a very rebellious people, so rebellious that he asked God is he could just die and not deal with them. God had given him authority over these people, and he could have at any seed of rebellion just have them killed. But instead he actually interceded for them to God, when God was ready to destroy them! He truly put them before himself, and that is why God used him to lead his people.

My thoughts on servant leadership, humility, and excellence are just growing, and I have a lot more than that on my mind, but I'll spare you guys the rest. Be praying with me that God would raise us up to be people that truly live in the teachings and example of the Messiah.

Sometimes it seems so impossible, or not worth it, but then I encounter Adonai, the Almighty One who loves me and has given me his Holy Spirit to help me. Praise him.



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