Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wednesday Night GPR*

Wow, are you as surprised as I am to see another post so soon? This one is more of a diary entry from last night, nothing major.


  • God is merciful!
  • Our hearts are dull, our ears are hard of hearing, our eyes are closed. (Isaiah 6.9-10)
  • God, wake us up! open our ears! Soften our hearts! We need you!
  • How truly lost are the lost!
  • Praise God for the strength of His arm to save, Yeshua the messiah, the shepherd rescues his sheep
  • Acts 28:26-27
  • Isaiah 43:8-13
  • Psalm 6
Standing up is intense!
- Bryan Jung about standing up for an entire 2 hour intercession set
*: GPR stands for Global Prayer Room, which now needs the "G" because we soon will have the FPR as well, when the "F "stands for Forerunner; it will be a training prayer room - but our prayers still count!


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