Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's Over.

6 Months. Roughly 576 hours of prayer, 480 hours of classes and teachings, 4 conferences (I missed the fifth), and 50 days of some-sort of fasting. I'll miss it...

Or will I? Life is just one long internship. Why waste it?

I intend to keep a similarly busy schedule, although it will be filled with slightly different things.

I will be working 9-5 M-F in the tech dept., as well as maintaining a diligent schedule in the prayer room at night. Basically what I'm doing is trading hours I used to waste for hours put to good use. statistics show that the average in the US is 28 hours a week watching television. Just removing television and movies from my daily diet gives me a lot of time. Not that I'm boycotting or anything, it's just better for me not to. Cutting down frivolous internet usage, video games, etc., helps too.

Henry Nouwen in his book, Clowning in Rome, describes Celibacy as creating vacancy for God. He uses Celibacy to describe much more than just sexual abstinence, but rather a setting aside of "space" in our life for God. We can abstain from many of the things of this world, but if we don't fill that space with God, there's not much point. I could cut out television and replace it with another false comfort, like eating. The point isn't just total abstinence, but to create a heart alive with God. Many can abstain from things by sheer willpower, but this will not benefit you long term without filling it with something better.

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