Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nightly thoughts: Humility

Here's my thoughts from today and from the prayer room tonight.

Psalm 131:
1 Adonai, my heart isn’t proud;
I don’t set my sight too high,
I don’t take part in great affairs
Or in wonders far beyond me.
2 No, I keep myself calm and quiet,
Like a little child on its mother’s lap -
I keep myself like a little child.
3 Isra’el, put your hope in Adonai
From now on and forever!
This short chapter is a direct challenge to my thoughts today. The road of humility is so long! How quickly my heart gets lifted up with pride, how often my eyes are raised, my sight gets set too high. I love to get involved in the important things, things that are beyond me.

I struggle to calm myself, I struggle to be quiet. A little child on its mother’s lap -- so peaceful, so unconcerned with anything! How great it is to be only 5 years old! Or even better, to be a toddler, content to be in its mothers arms.

I know it’s ungodly to run away from responsibility, (uh, Jonah?), but I think it can be just as bad to run towards it when God is inviting us to rest in his strength, in his power.

The reason it’s bad to set your own sight high is that we normally set our sights high and then place ourselves in that high place, instead of setting our eyes to the highest, the Holy God of heaven, and then recognizing our lowly position. We must recognize our need. And the great part is that as we humble ourselves, God himself will exalt us!

This is a theme throughout the entire Bible, but I especially like how it is put in Proverbs 25:6,7:
6 Don’t put yourself forward in the king’s presence;
Don’t take a place among the great.
7 For it is better to be told, “Come up here,”
Than be degraded in the presence of a nobleman.
The reason I love these verses is that it reminds me of Revelation 4:1, where Jesus himself says to John, “Come up here!” and takes John up to the heavenly throne room. I like to think that humility is the key to encountering God, and exalting God is the key to humility! Put your hope in God, we cannot save ourselves!

So Praise Him!


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