Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm famous.

This week six people have told me that they have seen me praying on the webstream. I don't even pray on the mic that often, only during the rapid-fire 10 second prayers and then once or twice a week for the longer 5 minute prayers. Some of them may have also seen me in the room, but most of them said they saw me on the mic.

Also this week we switched the webstream to our new system, and everyone had to re-subscribe. The demand was so high, even at 4AM when we made the switch, that it actually caused problems for our systems. They estimate that there were thousands of people clicking their mice at 4AM to sign up.

Our old clunky webstream had around 6,000 subscribers at $10/month, and we had many, many more use the free-trial that we had for a month. The numbers aren't in yet as to how many we have now, but even though the sign up is online our phones have been off the hook (because of the down-time and glitches). 

Oh, and did I forget to mention the 128 MILLION potential viewers all over the globe that could be watching? I'd guess that at minimum there are 10,000 people who see me, David Andrew Gagne, pray on the mic. Scary.

Many of you didn't know me back then, but as a kid I was shy. I remember taking a public speaking class and wanting to drop out because I was so scared to talk in front of 10 people my own age. After class I would walk through the halls looking for a quiet corner where I didn't have to be around people.

And now? I'm still scared out of my mind, but I still do it. Why? Because I want God to be famous. 

I don't really know how to love those 128 Million people, and to be honest, my heart has a hard time loving them. But God loves them. Not only that, He desires them, He wants them to come to Him. He wants to forgive them, He wants them to walk in righteousness, He wants them to walk in His presence.

My most important audience is God. If He hears me, that's all I care about. So I sit in a room and pray 24+ hours/week. I am an intercessor.


T said...

I have never really spent any time with you David, but I know we are in the same family, and as a brother, I want to encourage you to continue your ministry! Only God really knows what kind of an impact you have out there, but we both know that God is glorified when we pray, and let him work! “I want God to be Famous” Well put is all I can say! Brother, if you think of me during your week, would you pray for me? I am working hard staring my insurance business, (stressful) and really don’t know how I ended up here, I pray often asking if there is something more I could be doing for God… If this is really what he has for me and if I am using my talents and abilities in the most productive way for the Kingdome. I want to be diligent in what ever he has for me whether that be selling insurance, making music, picking up garbage, what ever he asks! If you think of me, would you pray that he would send the business I need to make my company happy… Would you also ask him to give me a sensitive spirit so I hear Him better!
Your friend and brother in Christ.
Trevor Tobin

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