Saturday, July 28, 2007

More cool stuff from the ihop website

I'll give you a brief update on me first, because I feel obligated.

I am a bit worn from a tough week of work, but my time in the prayer room has been great. Sometimes I feel like these things are opposites, and in a way they are, but they work together. One is work, the other is food. I need work to buy food, but I need food to fuel me for work. Weird.

I'm just glad it's the weekend.

So since it's the weekend, here's some stuff for you to enjoy!

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Bride of Christ, the Movie! (sort of)

Onething Promo - Free New Years Conference (this is a video, for real)
December 28-31 Bartle Hall, Kansas City, Missouri
*Bonus - Poster & Wallpapers! Woo!

And Last, but not least, the OneThing regionals page.
These regional conferences are also free, and include locations such as:
Minneapolis! September 27-29
Winnipeg! October 26-27
Calgary! November 1-3

They have a promo video for those as well. I highly recommend both the video and the conference.

That's the end of our commercial segment, now back to our regularly scheduled programming...


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