Saturday, July 21, 2007

Weird Word #1

It's long overdue, but I am officially starting my list of weird words.

Here's #1:


partook |pärˈtoŏk| past of partake .

verb ( past -took |-ˈtoŏk|; past part. -taken |-ˈtākən|) [ intrans. ]
( partake in) formal join in (an activity) : visitors can partake in golfing or clay pigeon shooting.
( partake of) be characterized by (a quality) : the birth of twins became an event that partook of the mythic.
( partake of) eat or drink (something) : she had partaken of a cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee.

It's more just the sound and look of the word that is weird, and only in the past tense. Maybe I'm just in that weird tired place where all words sound weird.

"Partook... Par-tuke..." ew.



brenna said...

hey! look who i found. i was reading through dave slikers blog/comments and saw you there. wooooooooooooooooooo is my site. i just got it started so its nothing really, but soon to be stupendous. add that to your odd words!


Anonymous said...

sopchoppy is good. getting our house of prayer started is occupying most of my time. that and swimming in the river at noni's house:)

My brother is good, he is actually on a fishing trip right now with his best friend.

tim...well i saw you found his blog. and unlike me you didnt fall for the "i have a mill" bit he wrote in his blog. errr lying dutchman.

how is ihop? what are you involved in now? bc i know david gagne has his hand in something.

BRENNA said...

oops i forgot to put my name...but perhaps "sopchoppy" will give it away. haha

brenna said...


You're working in the IT dept right? Well my mother cannot connect to the house of prayer on her username ever since she has re-registered a couple weeks ago. would you know what the prob is?


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