Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10PM Meditations #1

Thursday night at my small group we are going to be discussing post-modernism, and how it is shaping our culture, and how it may be a part of God's plan for Jesus' second coming.

After doing some research and thinking on the subject, I thought it might be wise to seek some biblical wisdom. A good place to look for that, is of course, the Bible. More specifically, Proverbs.

"Wisdom calls aloud in the open air
and raises her voice in the public places;
she calls out at streetcorners
and speaks out at entrances to city gates:
'How long, you whose lives have no purpose, will you love thoughtless living?
How long will scorners find pleasure in mocking?
How long will fools hate knowledge?'"

Psalms 1:20-22 (CJB)
It hurts me, it wounds me deeply, when I talk to random people, or when I read peoples comments on various online "social commentary" sites, like digg, or public forums. It wounds me because they are mostly mocking and scorning everything and anything, while jumping upon the latest idea without hesitation and then mocking it and scorning it when it turns out to be false.

This is a side-track, and doesn't directly address post-modernism, but rather addresses our culture in a general way from my individual and uninformed perspective. So rather than focus on "them," I will choose to instead focus on my own lack of wisdom and truth. Luckily, the bible has the answer.
"Repent when I reprove --
I will pour out my spirit to you,
I will make my words known to you."

Psalms 1:23 (CJB)
Father! I'm sorry for my own lack of wisdom, and my lack of pursuing knowledge of you! Please! Give to me your spirit, for wisdom and understanding! Make your words known to me!


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