Wednesday, September 05, 2007

8PM Intercession Report #1

In an effort to post more often, to inform my readers, as well as stay engaged in the 8PM intercession myself, I am going to start doing nightly reports.

---- Report #1. ----
Wednesday, September 5th, 8PM.
Focus: Northern Africa, and specifically for 1,000 Muslims in Cairo, Egypt to have a revelation of Jesus as the Son of God. We have reports of large Christian congregations joining with us via the webstream and in prayer every morning, specifically during our 8PM set (6AM Cairo).

Worship team: Luke Wood, Caleb Culver, and band.

  • Wes Martin lead the opening prayer for 1,000 Muslims to have powerful experiences with the Lord like Saul of Tarsis.
  • He followed it up with a massive rapid-fire prayer cycle, with around 40 people praying 5-10 second prayers on the mic.
  • Molly Mo ripped it up and united the room with a passionate prayer for Casa Blanca.
  • We also had a time to do small group prayers for healing, which I always love. I missed out on it this time because I was too slow to move and didn't want to join late, because then I never know what to pray for. So I just walked around singing along with the chorus, "demonstrate your power!"


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