Monday, September 10, 2007

8PM Intercession Report #2

Phew! Tonight we had some powerful intercession!

We have been praying the ending of human trafficking and the sex slave industry in a focused way for about six months, and have had some small breakthroughs in it (a couple of prostitution rings broken up in Kansas City and in Minneapolis). Now God has led us to intercede for Thailand, which from what I hear is the prostitution capital of the world.

Tonight the room was united in intercession... It's hard to describe, but there was a heavy feeling in the air, and we all cried out to our Heavenly Father for justice and mercy on their behalf.

I define justice as Jesus receiving the reward for his suffering, and mercy as God turning the hearts of men to repent. My heart was deeply moved as I cried out to heaven... Only God has the power to transform lives to righteousness.

"Their hearts cried out to Adonai,
'Wall of the daughter of Tziyon!
Let your tears stream down
like a torrent, day and night!
Give yourself no respite,
give your eyes no rest!

'Get up! Cry out in the night,
at the beginning of every watch!
Pour out heart out like water
before the face of Adonai!
Lift up your hands to him
for the lives of your babies,
who are fainting away from hunger
at every streetcorner.'"

"For rejection by Adonai
does not last forever.
He may cause grief, but he will take pity,
in keeping with the greatness of his grace.
For he does not arbitrarily torment
or punish human beings.

When anyone tramples underfoot
any of the prisoners of the land;
when anyone deprives a person of justice,
in defiance with the Most High;
when someone is cheated of justice in court --
does Adonai not take notice of such things?

Who can say something and have it happen
without Adonai's commanding it?"
Lamentations 2:18,19, 3:31-37 (CJB)
God, I pray that you would speak!
Send righteousness to Thailand!
Set them free from their own sinfulness which holds them hostage!


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