Saturday, October 06, 2007

Love for Israel: Introduction, continued...

Star of David


Paul said, (Romans 9)

“I could wish myself actually under God’s curse, and separated from the Messiah,” --
Wait... what the... ?

“...if it would help my brothers, my own flesh and blood, the people of Isra’el!”

Uh, OK, I see you have a heart for your brothers, but really? What if God takes you up on that Paul? Do you really mean that? The Holy Spirit backs him up that he is not lying, so we have to believe that it is his true desire.

If you think about it one way, it seems like Paul loves his brothers more than he loves Jesus. He would give up being with his Lord, to whom he is a bond-servant, for them?

Or, thinking of it in reverse, it sounds like he values them more than his own salvation. He values them, his brothers who have rejected him and hated him, higher than personal relationship with the Father through Christ? He would give it all up, his own eternal destiny, his apostolic ministry, and the love of the Father and a life in Christ, something that he has said is more valuable than anything else he has ever had, for them?

Why? What is so special about them? He has a flourishing ministry among the Gentiles, who love him, and even support him financially, why not just walk away from those 'cold-hearted' Jews? Why care about those who persecute you? Why care about those who have rejected the Messiah, and even played a part in crucifying him?

Next Time: Some Preliminary Answers!


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