Friday, October 12, 2007

Song of Songs 1:15

Have any of you read the Song of Songs?

It’s one of the tougher books of the Bible to get into in a serious way, but it’s so rewarding! Especially when you approach it with the perspective of a love-journey between Jesus and His Bride, meaning you and me!

Tonight I’m stuck on 1:15:

Look at you, my love! How beautiful you are!
Your eyes are doves –”

In this verse, He is affirming his love for her, and how he sees the bride (us) as beautiful. This is still early on in the journey, and she is far from mature in this love. She is easily distracted (see 2:15), yet he says her eyes are like doves eyes.

Doves eyes… What does that mean? Birds have much better vision than humans, and doves in particular have a huge range of vision, up to 300 degrees without moving its head! It’s called monocular vision. The downside is that they have a harder time judging distances.

But in the context of the scripture, of speaking of beauty, I’m sure he was not talking about how effective her eyesight was.

So what was he talking about? Biblically, a dove can be speaking of a few things: hope, like with Noah; purity and peace, like with the sacrificial system, or the Holy Spirit as it descended upon Jesus.

The common interpretation, which I am focusing on tonight, is that a doves eyes are focused and pure.

It’s interesting that He says she is focused and pure, even before she has really achieved that. It’s called a prophetic declaration. He says, “You are pure!” because he sees her future. He looks at her, and sees destiny. He sees maturity, focus, and passion, even where there is only a little. But it is her desire, her internal ‘yes’ that he sees, and says, “You are beautiful.”


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