Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Minnesota Trip

Wow. What a long week it's been. During my week, someone asked me, "Do you miss the prayer room?" I answered, "Yes, of course!" but really it was kind of nice to have a change of pace. But now, after a week, I just want to get back to it.

Most of my trip was pretty normal for a Thanksgiving trip. Family, food, football. Friends, food, feelings. Duluth is awesome, but it's not my home anymore. Sad. Brainerd is still Brainerd, but people are slowly changing.

I've met with a lot of people this week. Lots of old friends, good friends, that I haven't seen for 6 months or more. Before each meeting, I would talk to God about them. I told my Father about them, and then he responded by telling me more about them. Sometimes it was good, sometimes not so good. Even during my meetings, my spiritual discernment level was pretty high.

At first this was pretty cool, but after a week of it, I am totally drained emotionally. I feel like I had a full cup of living water when I left, and now I have given it all away. My cup gets replenished pretty quickly, but my arm is sore from helping people drink out of it.

It is cool to see my six months of prayer having effect though. I've been praying for these people for so long, and the Lord is moving. Also because I've not been here I can see his work from a more objective position. But there's still so much to be done... it's almost overwhelming. This is why I am pumped to get back to the prayer room.


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