Saturday, January 12, 2008

The First GBN of the New Year

It's only the first week for the next batch of  Onething Interns, and I already caught the first GBN'er!

The GBN or Global Bridegroom Nap is similar to the GBF or Global Bridegroom Fast that IHOP and many others participate in once per month. We fast the first Monday through Wednesday of the month in anticipation of the Lord's return (Luke 5:35). The Global Bridegroom Nap is not quite as scriptural (unless you count Matthew 26:45), but I like to think that it's the bride getting her beauty rest. The GBN is also much more spontaneous, although it often occurs on Saturdays for some reason.

There were many GBNs during my internship. I myself have dozed off on occasion, although I never was a hardcore GBN participant. I never laid out on the floor, or anything like that. But I loved to catch those who did, or those who unwittingly fell asleep with their mouth open and head back like the poor fellow in the prayer room tonight.

I didn't wake him up, in case you're wondering. I thought about it, and even looked around for a free core-leader to do it for me. Not finding one, I sat back down to write this and to pray for him from a distance. He woke up for a short while, and then settled back down again.

Here's to you, first GBN of the year!


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