Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Layout

Check out the new layout.

If you're reading from an outside feed, make sure to check out the real blog. Maybe you would even be so nice as to leave a comment?


Josh Hawkins said...

Here's a comment!

David Andrew Gagne said...

This is just a temporary layout until I get my fancy one done.

Thanks for the comment!

Josh Hawkins said...

Fancy is good!

I took 6 months to do my website. But I learned Drupal pretty well through doing it. I am sure you won't take an eternity like I did :)

How flexible can blogger get on layouts? Can you format with css positioning/xhtml?

Looking forward to the new layout!

David Andrew Gagne said...

Oh yeah, you can customize, import your own style sheet, etc. CSS/xhtml, and if you do it right it will let you modify it using their layout editor.

I'm working on a very tricky layout that will work like a page-reader, with scrollable content and non-scrollable sidebars. You'll have to see it...

It's probably not quite as handy as a hosted wordress, because it's trickier to upload non-content images.

I would have switched to wordpress already except that it wasn't working good in safari, and plus with google you know that things are only going to get more awesome.

Josh Hawkins said...

Sweet! Way to not conform to the wordpress craze!

And it's true, google makes things pretty awesome...

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