Monday, February 11, 2008

An update.

I haven’t had time or energy to write lately, due to all areas of my life bombarding me at once, demanding my attention. On top of that I haven’t been sleeping well, or eating well (due to the lack of time more than anything). But I did make some ground on all those areas, including finishing my first class at the Forerunner School of Ministry.

Before I comment on that or anything else, I want to mention that going to FSM is something I’ve been dreaming of
for a few years. Ever since God made it plain to me that I was going to be in full time ministry, I knew that I needed to get well prepared. I regard serving God as a weighty matter, and I know there is a huge price to pay to follow Christ. With that said, my heart is fully committed to playing my part in God’s plan to make the earth a dwelling place, and there’s nothing else I would rather do.

When looking for places to get prepared for ministry, there were a few criteria I was looking for in a school/seminary (I already had a college degree). One was that there had to be a heavy focus on the word of God with sound, doctrinal teaching. This could be expected from most places. The next thing I was looking for was life in the spirit. Not just speaking in tongues, or a ‘charismatic’ environment, but a real cultivating of a life in God that is not purely intellectual. Those two things alone helped me narrow it down to about three choices. The thing that won me over to FSM was their vision for fullness in the Church and their active faith in God’s plan to bring it about. There are a number of other factors that I am really impressed with at FSM, but these three things were what sold me.

So I bit the bullet and moved down here to do an internship in January ’07. In the internship I attended the first semester of FSM and it completely overhauled my belief in God and gave me an even greater hunger to see him change me and my generation. It wasn’t a change of direction, but more like switching from a tricycle to a bicycle. It’s the same concept, but a whole new world.

Then Summer hit and I was not able to attend the summer classes for financial reasons. This was a huge setback to me at first, but God had a plan. I started working in the tech department and quickly found my place there while also spending long hours in the prayer room. Through my job, I now have my classes paid for, with a little bit on the side to help with bills. I’m still living on a very meagre missionary budget, but it’s do-able.

Now I’m back in school, and it’s great! There’s still a bit of my flesh that says, “School? Boring...” But at the same time it’s very exciting, and very refreshing. My first class was on the Attributes of God, which I may post on sometime soon, but now I’m in a class called Mystical Life of Communion. I am required to spend time in meditation and journaling, so you may see some of that come through here.

Thanks for reading, I’m praying for you all, and hope to hear from you all soon! More updates on the way with exciting news as it breaks!


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