Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Quote from Stephen Venable

As I'm studying for my take-home exam, I found a particularly good quote by Stephen Venable (my professor) on pursuing the knowledge of God.

“Someone ardently pursuing the Lord over the course of several decades will have to forge ahead virtually on their own unless they are somehow exposed to the writings of antiquity (and a few sparse works from the modern era).

Specifically lacking is the perspective on interior pain and even anguish experienced when pursuing the knowledge of God. Within mystical theology there is a clear witness to both the normalcy and purpose of these seasons.”
This is something I can testify to, on both sides. I have often had to forge ahead, virtually on my own. But now that I have found both a family at IHOP to forge ahead with, as well as a wealth of writing from Church History, and of course the scriptures, I feel much more equipped to go after the knowledge of God. Also I more clearly understand the importance of the interior pain necessary to go deeper.


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