Monday, March 31, 2008

Raising the dead...

I am hesitant to make this post, but I did promise an exciting story... So here goes...
Last week, I raised the dead. Well, of course, it wasn't really me, it was God... and it wasn't a person, but a computer.

Let me start at the beginning.

Steven Beauchamp, who is currently teaching my class on Cultivating the Gifts, brought in a Apple Powerbook G4 to the IT Help Desk where I work. Someone had given it to him, but it was broken. He had been praying for a laptop for a while, and had actually purchased a laptop bag in faith that God would provide one. Since it was broken, he brought it to the Apple Store, but they said they would have to ship it off for repairs which would cost hundreds of dollars. He chose instead to bring it to the IHOP-IT Help Desk.

He told me that the hard drive was broken, and there was evidence that the laptop had been dropped, and the previous owner had tried to replace it. So we ordered a new hard drive, since I figured it would be easy to replace. I was wrong.

When I opened it up (which required removing like 20 tiny screws), I found that there was still a hard drive inside (drive #1), in addition to the one he gave me in a plastic bag (drive #2) which I had thought was the broken one, but now I found was an extra. I tried booting it up with the original hard drive, but it just came up with the "sad-faced-mac" which means it cannot boot off the hard drive. So I put in the MacOS X Leopard disk and to see if I could repair the disk. But when I opened up Disk Utility, there was no hard drive detected at all! Bad news, maybe this hard drive is totally broken after all!

So I put in the second drive with the Leopard disk in, and it doesn't detect that one either! What's going on? So I used an external IDE->USB adapter, and hooked up the original drive to my mac. It works, but Disk Utility found errors which it repaired. All the original data was there too! Then I hooked up the second disk, and found that it had nothing on it, and was also fully functional with no errors. So both drives seem to work, but the the Powerbook G4 did not recognize either one. I tried disk #2 one more time with no success.

At this point, I concluded that it must be a problem with the motherboard, or with the IDE cable, neither one of which would be easy to replace. So I put drive #1 back in, closed it back up, 20 screws and all, and put it back in the bag. I called up Stephen and told him that our best bet was to sell it on eBay for parts. I figured we could get a couple hundred for it, because the display still worked and so did the power. Someone would want it, I thought.

Then I went on vacation for a week to Minnesota where I got engaged. A week after I came back, Stephen stopped by the office just to say hi. We talked about class, and about his laptop. He told me the story of the laptop bag, and we prayed, believing that God would still provide a laptop for him.

The next day I took out his laptop to take pictures of it so I could make up a good eBay ad. I turned it on just so I could show that the display still worked. As I took pictures of it, I was shocked to see that it booted up fully! I stood there, dumbfounded, and realized a miracle just took place right in front of my eyes. I had done everything I knew to be possible to fix that laptop and was unsuccessful. And now, with no work of my own, it works? Who knew that God, who can raise humans from the dead, not only can, but does raise technology from the dead?

I called up Stephen and got his voicemail, "You're not going to believe this, but your laptop is working. God raised it from the dead."

Praise Him!

In closing, in case you are wondering, I am not a miracle worker. Don't bring all your old sick laptops to me, but rather, bring all things to prayer, and believe. See what God will do!


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