Thursday, April 10, 2008

Accountability Software, Part 2: SafeEyes

Safe Eyes -
$49.95 Regular Price Mac/PC

Safe eyes is an all-in-one package that is suitable for family use. It does web-blocking, instant message blocking and monitoring, time limits, email blocking, social networking monitoring, program blocking, usage reporting, and instant alerts. It can be set up with multiple users, with separate settings for each. It is highly customizable, which can be both good and bad.

The standard settings will not work for everyone, and so it must be tweaked, which can be time consuming and confusing. To make changes, one must have the administrator password. If you forget the administrator password, you can reset it:

“If you forget your password, there is a security protocol that includes calling the Safe Eyes office and answering a set of security questions. (Yes, we go a long way to ensure that this is the safest filtering software available).”

Right out of the box the web blocking feature is set to a pretty high level, blocking common sites such as youTube, mySpace, and the like. It does let some slightly questionable content through if you are creative, but it will also show up in the usage logs. The logs can be stored on the local computer, or for maximum security, they can be stored on the SafeEyes server. It has a threshold for attempts to visit banned sites as well, and will notify the administrator when the user tries too many times to get to one place.

Because it monitors more than just web surfing, it is a better solution for family use. It monitors instant messaging and email, and can block programs as well.

The biggest drawback for SafeEyes is that it uses a lot of resources. Nearly 23MB of ram without use, and I’ve seen it use a bit of cpu resource as well. Could present some issues for older or slower machines.

Sensitivity: Adjustable
Blocking: Yes
Difficulty: Medium
Invasiveness: High
Bugginess: Low
Browser Compatibility: All
Reporting: Instant


It can be overly aggressive in it’s blocking, and it has blocked hardware routers and wireless access point configuration that do not need to be blocked. Also, without access to an administrator password, it can be very difficult to reset or circumvent in case of an emergency. Because of this, it can be very good for curious teens who would easily circumvent X3 Watch. I would highly recommend it for family use, or if web blocking features are necessary.


shady said...

I've been using PC Pandora for a little over a year and love it. Very easy to use and the monitoring aspect (which I needed it most for -- I don't like filters and blocks) is the best I've seen. Just tossing another title out there in the mix...

Ron said...

Thanks for mentioning Safe Eyes. If you need to contact our support team (for password retrieval or other assistance), they're here 24/7 - 877-944-8080.

Also, if any of your blog readers want to try Safe Eyes, they can use coupon code "BLOGGER" to save 10%.

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