Monday, April 21, 2008

Music: Braille - The IV

Not many people would guess it, but I love hip hop. I spent my teenage years listening to Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Naughty By Nature, and the like. I also listened to Christian hip hop a little, but to honest, it was really lame, with a few exceptions. In college I jumped on the filesharing bandwagon and increased my music collection to somewhere around 50GB of mp3s (around 20,000 songs). And I actually listened to most of it, I didn't get it just to get it. Then when I got serious about my relationship with the Almighty God, He quickly put His finger on an area of my life which grieved Him -- the vulgar music I listened to. I found I had foul language in my mind quite often, and I was angry, although I rarely expressed it outwardly. So I dumped it all, which cut my collection more than in half. So I jumped hard onto Christian hip hop, found a lot of junk, but also found some really fresh stuff.

One of the artists I latched onto was Braille. I would go for long walks, talking to God while bumping his album Shades of Gray in my fatty headphones. Many of those tracks became anthems for me, and I loved how you could actually tell that he has a life in God. He became a comrade to me. I had a hard time listening to other artists who couldn't keep up musically, but Braille had hot beats and content to match.

So all that to give context for my latest music purchase, his new album, The IV. Due to my tight missionary budget, I haven't bought an album for myself in over a year. I really wasn't planning on buying this album either, until I heard the track "Blessed Man" on his myspace ( I felt the reality of that track in my spirit. So when I scrapped together a few bucks I went over to the Sphere and purchased it.

This album is probably the best album I've ever owned. No lie. Each track is a hit in my mind. I can dance to them, sing to them, rap to them, and pray to them. I feel God in them. God is glorified in his music. And if God is glorified, that automatically makes it good.

Tracks that I love already include the already mentioned "Blessed Man," which features some angelic background singing and a catchy hook that makes me feel good, "And when they ask who I am, I'm will stand up and say, 'I'm a blessed man!'" The third track, "Calculated Risk" featuring Mr. J of the Procussions and Manchild of MarsIll is so fresh I don't even know how to react yet, except to nod my head. A track that will probably be overlooked because it's buried at track 14 is titled "Get it Right." I don't care too much for the vocals on the hook, but the content is so good. It is all about walking in the light. Braille really gets his emotions out on this track. He lets out his cry for God, his need for mercy, and for righteousness. "This time I will get it right, now's the time, for me, to step into the light." So good. Plus some sweet piano in the bg.

So if you like hip hop at all, or love God, or both, GET THIS ALBUM.


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