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Acts Journal #2

Characteristics of Apostolic Community

Acts 2


v1. Seven days after the ascension of Jesus, they are still all together in one place. From 1:14 we know that this was a gathering focused on prayer.

v2-4. A sound comes from heaven, then tongues of fire appear upon each of them, then they are filled with the Holy Spirit and begin to speak in other tongues.

v5-13. As the sound of this is heard in the streets, the masses who had gathered reacted. These masses were "devout," and had spent their personal finances in order to come to Jerusalem from distant places. Many of them had an interest in the things of God, and came here to seek him. We can tell when they hear them speaking in their tongues, they recognize worship, described as"the wonderful works of God." Others who did not have this recognition of worship mocked them.

v14-15 Peter has boldness in addressing the crowd, but is also unified with the other 11 who stand with him.

v16-21 Quote from Joel.

  1. Connection to eschatology
  2. Release of the Spirit on all (men and women, young and old)
  3. Spirit releases prophetic ministry
  4. Signs and Wonders from Heaven
  5. Salvation of all who call on the name of the Lord
v22-36 The witness of Jesus Christ 110:1

He addresses the crowd as "men of Israel," and testifies to them of their great King, Jesus.

Includes Ps 16:8-11 and Ps 110:1, and references to Ps 16:10 and 68:18. These are to support the superiority of Jesus over King David:

  1. Not allowed to see corruption, for He knows the ways of life.
  2. Raised up by God to sit upon the throne of David
  3. Exalted to the right hand of God
  4. Received the Holy Spirit, and poured it out upon His followers.
  5. He will sit at the right hand of God until God makes His enemies His footstool.
  6. God has made him both Lord (supreme authority, master) and Christ (the anointed one).
The release of the Holy Spirit is directly tied to the life of Jesus, His Resurrection, and His future rule.

v37 - The crowd is cut to the heart, recognizing the truth of the identity of Jesus, and that they are the ones who killed him.

v38-39 - Peter extends to them the mercy of Jesus, that they must Repent, be baptized for the cleansing of their sins, and then they too may receive the Holy Spirit.

v40 - They must be saved from among the generation, which is wicked. Those visiting Jerusalem probably did not consider their generation perverse before the preaching of Peter revealed their sin.

v41 - Multitudes were converted, and were baptized.

v42 - They continued in:
  1. the apostles doctrine,
  2. in fellowship,
  3. in breaking of bread,
  4. and in prayers.
v43 - Many signs and wonders accompanied them

v44-45 - They shared, and were unified in their economy.

v46-47 Descriptions of the church:
  1. Continued in the temple as Jewish believers.
  2. Broke bread from house to house
  3. Were glad, and simple in heart
  4. Praised God
  5. Had favor with all the people
  6. Evangelism
Apostolic Christianity:
  1. Carries a bold witness of Jesus, from OT Prophesies, NT Life of Christ, Current manifestation of the Spirit, and looks to His future reign.
  2. Seeks to win the lost through repentance, baptism, and the gift of the Holy Spirit
  3. Does signs and wonders
  4. Has a common doctrine
  5. Breaks bread together
  6. Generosity and taking care of others needs
  7. Filled with gladness and simplicity of Heart
  8. Has favor among the people, but also regarded with fear.


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