Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Peoria Report

Peoria Report:

This weekend, most of IHOPU (Including FSM and FMA, the music academy) went to Peoria, Ill. This is the fifth year that IHOP has sent teams there, and the second year that the school has sent teams to locations city-wide. Last year I went, and served at Bradley Epworth United Methodist Church, and this year I had the privilege of returning.

God moved mightily in Peoria this weekend, let me give you a few highlights.

Thursday, we arrived, and gathered at Northwoods, the largest church in the city. There we were blessed by the leaders of a number of churches and ministries, and were released to minister.

Friday Morning we helped out at Bradley Epworth's food pantry, where we gave out food and prayed for people. One woman was presented with the gospel and gave her life to Jesus. Later that night, she was baptized.

We also set up a prayer room, and many of those visiting the food pantry were ministered to by that.

In the afternoon we set up prophecy rooms and healing rooms, and prayed for over 100 people.

Friday night, I spoke on the Bride Who Makes Herself Ready (notes, and possibly audio to be posted later).

After that, we went out and did some evangelism on the streets. Many seeds were sown that night, but I'm not sure if anyone was led the Lord.

The FMA students and a few FSM students kept the prayer room going from 8AM til midnight, with only a break for the message.

On Saturday morning we lead the men's and women's small groups, and presented the purity covenant. It had a huge impact on them, and it will be exciting to hear how they walk it out.

The rest of the day was mostly spent with prophecy rooms and the prayer room going full force. Brandon Long spoke that night on the necessity of knowing Jesus personally through the Holy Spirit to avoid being deceived. If it was a possibility for the disciples to be deceived, who walked with Him on this earth, how much more should we need to pursue a relationship with Him?

That night we closed down the prayer room at 11PM in order to get some much needed sleep.

On Sunday Michael Cho spoke again on Longing for His Return. Many were deeply moved by this message, and most of the congregation came up for prayer afterwards.

I was able to pray for a young woman and her four year old daughter. Afterwards and older woman came up and said, "Thank you so much for praying for my daughter and granddaughter!" I said, "No, thank you for praying for her, your prayers were heard!"

The trip ended with a meeting at the Gateway - a park down by the river. All the different teams gathered there and we heard some of the testimonies and prayed over the city.

Much more happened, and if I get some good testimonies, I will put them up here.


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